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Maria Fleming
Candidate St. Joseph County,
Council District D (South Bend, Indiana)


Rooted in Christ-centered values and community focus, Maria Fleming is dedicated to serving our community and bringing fresh perspectives to local government. Here are three key reasons to support her candidacy.

Advocating for Seniors

As the CEO of the Senior Resource Network, Maria has firsthand experience advocating for our senior population. Guided by her faith, she is dedicated to ensuring seniors receive the care, respect, and resources they deserve, making our community a better place for our cherished elders.

Committed to Our Neighbors and Community

Maria is a mom, wife, Maw Maw, and champion for neighborhoods. She is committed to building a strong, supportive community, inspired by the scripture "Love thy neighbor." Having lived in St. Joseph County for many years, Maria understands our unique challenges and opportunities. Her Christ-centered principles drive her dedication to creating a safe, vibrant, and inclusive community where neighbors support one another and thrive together.

A New Choice for Positive Change

In a district that has been a Democratic stronghold for decades, Maria offers a fresh perspective and a new choice. Representing the Indiana Redemption Party (IRP), she aims to break the status quo by standing up for a key American value, the freedom of choice, especially in local government. Maria is committed to transparency, accountability, and driving initiatives that benefit all residents of District D, while staying true to the Christ-centered and community-focused mission of Redemption.

Join Maria in Making a Difference.

Maria is eager to serve St. Joseph County District D and make a positive impact. Please support her candidacy by donating to her campaign.

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